Dakota Precision Planting

Solutions to Your Corn Planting and Soybean Planting Problems.

We are farmers and we design products to improve your corn planting and soybean planting operation based on issues that we see in our own fields.

Dakota Precision Planting offers cost-effective corn planting products and a machining process – all designed to work with Case™ 1200 Corn Planter Series equipment. Our products help improve your corn yield potential and overall ROI.

We also offer our JD Precision Plating eSet Soybean Disc which can save you time and input costs.

Planting is the most important process on the farm. You only get one chance to get it right each season, and your yield potential is determined once that seed hits the soil.

Corn and Soybean Planting Products

JD Precision Planting eSet Soybean Disc

Planter Parallel Arm Repair

vSet Cable Drive Kit

vSet Chain Drive Kit

Meter Cover Machining

Paddle Agitator

Videos of Dakota Precision Planting Products in Action

What People Are Saying…

“We were replacing seed discs every year until we had our covers machined; since then we have not had to replace seed discs for the last 3 years. That has saved us over $3,000 alone! We have had the best stands ever since the guys at Dakota Precision improved our factory meters.”

BRENT – Houghton, South Dakota

“We have installed vSets on many customer’s planters using the cable drive adapter kit from Dakota Precision. All have worked flawlessly and the customers are extremely satisfied with the system. I would recommend these kits to anybody looking to put vSets on their planter.”

KURT WILLIAMS – Williams Ag Service, Randolph, Wisconsin

“I put vSet meters on my planter using Dakota Precision’s Chain Drive Adapter Kit and couldn’t be happier. The kits were easy to install and everything fit perfectly. My seed spacing and singulation was excellent and I had the best corn crop ever this year! This was the best investment (and fastest payback) I have ever made on my planter.”

ERIC – Bath, South Dakota