vSet Cable Drive Kit

Dakota Precision Planting designed the vSet Cable Drive Kit to function with Case™ 1200 Corn Planter Series and is the only company that integrates it into the factory control system. The Dakota Precision Planting vSet meter is the best performing meter on the market for spacing and singulation in corn planting.

vSet Cable Drive Kit

“We have installed vSets on many customer’s planters using the cable drive adapter kit from Dakota Precision. All have worked flawlessly and the customers are extremely satisfied with the system. I would recommend these kits to anybody looking to put vSets on their planter.”

– Kurt Williams, Williams Ag Service, Randolph, WI

  • Use factory cable and electric clutch
  • No drilling required

Install vSet Meter and Run with Factory Drive System

  • No extra monitors required
  • Utilize factory row clutches
  • No adjustments required
  • Unmatched singulation and spacing
  • Chain and cable drive kits available
  • 1/4 the cost of vDrive system
vset cable drive kit

Price $122 each + shipping + applicable taxes
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